Bri Borror | Lead Photographer

Hi, my name is Bri, and I am a sophomore marketing major and Spanish minor. One thing you should know about me is that I have never played a sport in my entire life because I spent all of my childhood practicing and practicing my scales on the piano. I also love to sing and most recently I have been loving playing the guitar. Music plays a very important role in my life as well as my family, friends, and God. This year I am taking on the role of Lead Photographer for The Student Collective. I am looking forward to working with The Student Collective team this year in order to create a meaningful and beautiful book for the students.

Gina Dodds | Photgrapher

Hey! I’m Gina Dodds, a CMCO major with a concentration in film, and I'm one of the photographers for The Student Collective. My dream is to work as a videographer for a non-profit organization that does work in third world countries. At any given moment, you’ll probably find me rollerblading to school, ballroom dancing, baking some dank zucchini bread muffins, jamming on the ukulele, scrambling to get something done 15 minutes before it’s due, or picking up to go on a sporadic weekend trip to Chicago. There are 155 items on my bucket list, and there will probably be five more by the time the week is over. All that aside, I value the people I love most and my relationship with Christ beyond measure. I’m so glad to have this opportunity to capture the fluid mosaic of life as a Fox student from behind the lens!


Elshadai Hailu | Writer

Elshadai is a first year Cognitive Science student from Whidbey Island, WA. This year she’ll be working on the student collective team as a staff writer. Before moving to the United States to pursue the American dream, she was born and raised in an East African country. Elshadai discovered her love for writing when she ran across an empty journal a missionary had left and she journaled her day to day activity with broken English (which she learned from the missionaries that visited her village frequently) before she slept on the cold dirt floor of her poorly constructed hut every night. What you may not know about Elshadai is that she was featured in a campaign to raise relief funds for the country of Africa. If you see Elshadai anywhere on campus please be sure to stop and and say hello (she loves to practice her English). Last but not least Elshadai does not condone satirical writing because she believes all forms of communication should be honest and transparent. She might have been dishonest about the last part (or this whole thing).

Casey Hastings | Creative Director

Casey is a senior Marketing major who is often mistaken for a design/music/film student. She comes from Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, but Oregon forever has her heart. Her favorite hobbies include crafting the perfect pun, sitting under trees while it's raining, writing captions for her Instagram photos, and driving her friends around in her giant golden minivan. Throughout her time at George Fox University, Casey has played her cello in the symphony, acted in short plays, worked for the College of Business, served as an RA, tutored French students, and has even started her own radio show, but by far her favorite learning experience has been helping create The Student Collective. She is honored and humbled to be leading such a creative, dynamic, and enthusiastic team this year.

Janelle Honeycutt | Writer

My name is Janelle, and I'm a writer for this year's edition of the Student Collective. I was born and raised in a small city in central, sunny California, but I believe the damp, rainy earth of Oregon is my true home. I suppose I have a bit of an old-school soul when it comes to my beliefs and my tastes in music, art, and fashion, though I generally just care for anything that participates well in the qualities of our God. I'm a sophomore philosophy major with a focus in the philosophy of art, so I highly value the creation and appreciation of beauty. I believe God thoroughly endowed me with the desire to create, so I joined the Student Collective team because I long to help make something beautiful and good that tells the stories of this student body. I hope I'm able to contribute well to the benefit of this year's edition, and make some valuable connections with my team along the way.

Erika Muir | Communications Director

Erika comes from Hillsboro, Oregon, and is a lover of art, nature, music, people, and pretty much everything else that is good and beautiful. A natural-born enthusiast and initiative taker, she is excited to bring what she has to offer to The Student Collective “Table”. As the Director of Communications, Erika looks forward to working with her brilliant team and the student body to make this year’s yearbook the best one yet.


Rory Phillips | Lead Writer

My name is Rory and I come from Salem, Oregon. Working for The Student Collective - and in my own writing in general - my goal is to ensure that all voices feel heard. From the loudest chants at a sports rally to the quietest whisper of a spoken word poem, it is crucial to me to feel that the school as an entirety is represented. Likewise, I strive to be an encouraging team member, that all of their unique writing and artistic voices are validated in a time when individuality is not always valued. I am studying to earn my Bachelors of Arts in English Literature and Writing, with a minor in Cinema and Media Communications. I love writing and reading others' writing; I love films and how they visually share a story. I love the study of communication by which we do not always use the words we speak.

Nicola Pieper | Writer

Nicola Pieper is a double major in Theater and CMCO. Her home state is Washington. She has a passion for acting, writing, and filmmaking in order to help people (including herself) understand one another and other people's situations. This is also the reason why she decided to join The Student Collective as a writer. A fun fact about Nicola Pieper is that her natural state of being includes an innumerable amount of clumsy moments, including, walking smack dab right into her floor friend, running her toe into the door of almost every room she enters, slamming her laptop into her knee while trying to work, and calling her female's friend's name out and realizing that it is is not her female friend, but in fact is a male stranger.

Tyler Sloan | Photographer

Hi there, I'm Tyler. Those close to me would describe me as someone who's passionate about new adventures, investing in people, and cherishing stories. My hometown is back in San Luis Obispo California - where there is no shortage of fresh ocean air and pristine mountain trails to ascend. I must say that nature allows me to remain sane. I was certainly pleased with the abundance of tall pine trees and lush greenery I found here in Oregon. This is my junior year at George Fox and I’m pursing a degree in Marketing. I am a creative individual who loves to consciously observe and ponder my experiences and the happenings unfolding around me. Photography enables me to best express my creativity and share new discoveries with others. In my eyes, The Student Collective provides a creative space to show and preserve the special moments and touching stories of George Fox humans; past, present, and future. I am thrilled to be on staff this year to collaborate with my fellow creative peers and to have an opportunity to contribute my art towards this 2016-17 edition! 

Isaiah Sommerlot | Photographer

Isaiah Sommerlot is a Sophomore transfer CMCO major looking to be a cinematographer in the future. He mainly enjoys taking pictures and having a good conversation about different camera specs. Growing up in Phoenix, AZ, he is used to the city, but enjoys spending time outdoors and camping as well. 


Hongyang Yin | Photographer

My name is Hongyang Yin, a senior Marketing major and Art minor. I was born and grew up in Beijing, China and have been in Oregon for four years for school. I find joy seeking beauty God created and believe that God communicates with us through the presence of beauty and our hearts' yearning for it. Whenever I find it, I can't stop the desire of recording and sharing. This is why I am a photographer at the Student Collective this year. I want to help the beautiful moments in people, nature, and life at Fox be remembered in a visual way.